WS15 -- It's Alive! Sprouting for Parrots

Sprouted seeds, legumes and grains isn’t just for human consumption…they are an incredibly healthy addition to our parrots' diets as well! At this Get Creative2 Parrot Workshop you will learn about the nutritional value of sprouting, the best seeds, legumes, and grains to sprout, and most importantly, how to sprout for your own flock. There are a variety of options of commercial spouters available, however, participants will put together a sprouting station to take home and get started right away. This station will include a starter package of healthy sprout mix. Resources will be available so that everyone will know where to purchase sprouting mixes or separate types of seeds, legumes and grains. (Every sprouting mix doesn’t need to be the same every time! - Variety is a good thing!)

Good nutrition is vital to the health and well-being of our parrots, and along with fresh chop and a number of other important components, fresh, live sprouts will definitely enhance your birds’ daily diet…and your birds will love it!
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Did you know...
The extinct Carolina parakeet (Conuropsis carolinesis) was the only parrot native to the eastern United States.