WS11 -- “STEP UP TO PARROTHOOD!” A Beginning Guide to Health & Happiness For Your Small Feathered Companions

Sometimes we inherit our birds. Sometimes we purchase our birds. Sometimes we adopt our birds. Sometimes we even just find our birds!
It doesn’t matter how our parrot companions come into our homes, but it does matter how we provide them with a healthy, safe, nurtured and enriched life. They deserve matter if they are one of the smallest of parrots, like a parrotlet, or a giant Hyacinth Macaw.
Join us for the GC2 workshop, “Step Up to Parrothood!” and get a great introduction to the most important things you need to know about caring for your small parrot. It doesn’t matter if you are contemplating bringing a bird into your life or you already have your feathered buddy, there is something in this workshop that will enrich the life of your bird. We will present an overview of appropriate avian diet, safe enrichment and safe environment, husbandry, having realistic expectations, and how to interact with your bird.
Small parrots need toys to keep them busy, swings to play on, and perches to hang out and sleep on in their cages. Along with viewing a power point presentation, participants at the “Step Up to Parrothood” workshop will spend hands-on time creating a small, appropriate toy, a perch and a swing to take home for their birds! You will also learn what materials and tools to use to make all of these things. There will be a small fee for each item that you make.
How you lay the foundation at the beginning of this wonderful adventure that we call “Parrothood” will determine the relationship you have with your bird and its well-being for years to come. Start out on the right foot! We look forward to seeing you at the next GC2 “Step Up to Parrothood” workshop!
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Did you know...
The extinct Carolina parakeet (Conuropsis carolinesis) was the only parrot native to the eastern United States.