WS10 -- ”I LUVS MY TOYS!” Build long-lasting PVC toy foundations to fill and re-fill and re-fill again!

We all know how happy our parrot companions are when they are destroying their toys, shredding paper, ringing their bells, and just generally creating havoc in their cages or on their play stands. It’s their job. We give them toys. They destroy the toys. It’s what they do, and they do it very well. Our feathered buddies just give us that, “Whaaa? What’d I do??” look when we witness the carnage. And we continue that cycle by replacing old toys with new. Cha-ching!
Reduce your “bird toy” budget by registering for this GC2 workshop, “I LUVS MY TOYS!” When you attend this clinic, you will create PVC toy foundations which will last for years to come. Really! All you will have to do is come up with inexpensive, bird-safe items to rebuild the toy with! This is a workshop that is appropriate for owners of all sizes of birds, because these toy foundations can be made from very small to extra large. All sizes of foundations are extremely sturdy and very safe.
At this workshop you will learn how to use the best tools and hardware to make PVC toy foundations, you will construct at least one foundation appropriate to your species of parrot and finish it out with great “destructibles” to take with you. We will also look at other easy to make options for parrot toy foundations.
Making PVC toy foundations at “I LUVS MY TOYS!” is great fun and it will get your creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless! Your “bird toy” budget will appreciate the effort you put into this...and so will your parrots!
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