WS09 -- ”BATH TIME” Build a portable PVC shower stand to bathe your birds

As parrot owners, we know the impact that bathing plays in the health of our birds’ lives. For some birds, a gentle “spritz” in their cages, or on top of their cages, or on their play stands, suffices. For some little guys, an easy spray in the kitchen sink works. But for many parrots, being in their human’s shower for a good soak is what it’s all about! And you may be one of those bird lovers who share your shower time with your birds. The “BATH TIME” workshop has you...and your parrot in mind.
“BATH TIME” is all about building a safe, portable PVC stand which can easily be placed in your shower and then removed once “everyone” is out, dressed, or otherwise preening! This stand will easily and quickly fit over a sliding shower door and (with the appropriate measurements you would take) give you the option of exactly where to position your bird in the water for shower time.
Participants will learn how to work with PVC; which sizes of pipe are appropriate for which birds, and how to permanently attach pvc fittings. You will also become a pro at measuring twice, cutting once!
Once you’ve made a “BATH TIME” shower stand, you will have the skills to safely and creatively work with PVC on your own!
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Did you know...
There are parrots that have been reported to have lived beyond 100 years of age; a good reason to consider putting
your own parrots in your will!