WS08 -- “TAKE A LOAD OFF!” How to easily make a variety of perches

They say that variety is the spice of life, and when it comes to parrot perches, no truer words were ever spoken! Throughout their lives, parrots in the wild spend their “down” time resting/hanging out together on different textured “perches.” Perches in the wild never have the same diameter or texture. Tree limbs and branches are not of a uniform size. There might be bark, or not. Surfaces might be slick, smooth or rough. This constant change of ‘sitting arrangements’ provides parrots with the opportunity to keep their feet well as providing convenient spots to wipe their beaks!
At the Get Creative2 “TAKE A LOAD OFF!” workshop participants will learn about the different options that we can provide to our feathered friends in their cages or on their play stands to come close to replicating the variety of perches wild parrots find in their natural environments. You will learn the safest, easiest way to use tools and hardware to make perches.
Everyone who attends this workshop will make perches to take home to their own flock, using different materials which will give your birds the options they all need. Also, you will learn how to make swings for the inside of your bird’s cage or flight. Think about it: swings are just perches that move!
This is a fun workshop! Once you attend this workshop, you’ll never need to purchase another perch because you will have the knowledge to make it yourself!
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Did you know...
Parrots require between 10-12 hours of sleep, with no interruptions, in a dark, quiet room. Zzzzzzzz