WS07 -- “DECK THE HALLS!” Create a safe, enriched environment in your bird’s cage

Here is a common scenario: A person brings his new feathered companion home. He has a small cage, which has a wooden dowel placed horizontally from left to right for your bird to perch on. A water bowl. A food bowl. What now? Or, someone inherits her grandma’s two cockatiels, cage and all. The cage is old, rusted, and has quite a bit of crusted droppings, feather dust and dirt. What should she do?
There are many other conditions that parrots live in, and those conditions can have a tremendous impact on the physical and mental health of our birds. With just a little time and effort (and some elbow grease) you can improve upon or create an environment inside of your bird’s cage that lends itself to optimal avian well-being and mental stimulation.
When you attend the GC2 workshop, “DECK THE HALLS!” some of the topics that will be covered are:
1 - Appropriate cages and size...and why
2 - Placement of enrichment including foraging, foot toys, hanging toys
3 - Perch placement
4 - The healthiest way to change papers (for your health as well as for your bird’s)
5 - Escape artists! What can you do?
6 - Cleaning a cage - how often, appropriate products
7 - What’s safe...what’s not! As Captain Picard said, “Make it so!”
7 - Cage placement in your home
8 - Sleeping arrangements
Join us for this GC2 workshop focusing on avian husbandry, and it’s guaranteed that you will be ready to made some positive adjustments to your bird’s cage environment when you get home!
Only $15.00 per person...
"Deck the Halls" begins with an empty cage to demonstrate how to "get creative," and provide a safe, enriched environment for your parrot companion!
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Did you know...
At just a bit over 3" in length, the Buff Faced Pygmy Parrot (Micropsitta pusio) is the smallest parrot in the world.