WS06 -- “JUST DYE IT!” How to easily and safely dye wood for your birds’ toys

It’s time to re-string some of your birds’ wooden toys! They’re half demolished, or dunked in water bowls, or the recipients of some inadvertent (or intentional!) bird droppings. More than likely, those wooden toy pieces are ready to be retired. Many bird owners head onto the internet or to their nearest parrot toy store to restock and refurbish with new chunks of beautifully dyed wood. That can get expensive, especially if your flock goes through a great deal of wooden toys.
When you attend a “JUST DYE IT!” GC2 workshop, you will learn about which woods are safe for your parrots to chew on, techniques for cutting and drilling wood pieces, and most importantly, you will get to dye batches of already drilled wooden chunks with brilliant colors. Remember ROYGBIV? That’s where you will be headed in this workshop! Vivid, bright, very safe...and so fun!
Participants will leave with great resources to easily find the materials that they will need to dye wood on their own as well as having the option to purchase a bag o‘ wooden blocks for their flock. They will be able to replace wooden toy pieces at a fraction of the retail cost!
The “JUST DYE IT!” workshop works beautifully when combined with “I LUVS MY TOYS!” Everyone gets to dye the pieces of wood as well as learn how to make great toy foundations to hang them on!
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“Birds were created to record everything. They were not designed just to be beautiful jewels in the sky, but to serve as
the eyes of heaven.”  - Suzy Kassem