WS05 -- “HOME ALONE!” Create foraging opportunities for your birds

Foraging is a natural behavior in the wild. It is our responsibility as stewards of our birds’ well-being to attempt to recreate these situations. Parrots are curious beings, and can be very motivated to do some hunting about to find something that reaps satisfaction at the end, whether that’s a small treat or just a fascinating toy.
As owners and lovers of parrots, we should always be aware of how important it is to keep our birds physically and mentally challenged. Birds that have nothing to do besides sit can become bored, which can lead to behavior problems (aggression, screaming, biting, etc) and sometimes even self-mutilation. Liken it to a young child who is alone in his room, nothing to read, no games to play, no one to talk to, maybe even no window to look outside. Just sit there. Bored.
When you go to work or leave your flock, ensuring that they have things to tear up and nibble on, as well as places to safely explore and make discoveries, provides that mental and physical stimulation that your birds need. It doesn’t take much time, money or effort on your part to give your bird a rich foraging environment.
In this GC2 workshop, “HOME ALONE!” participants will make safe, interesting foraging toys for their birds, using items we all have in our homes, as well as some that can be purchased inexpensively in dollar stores or online. There will also be discussions of how new foraging toys are introduced, especially to those birds that have never experienced captive foraging.
Join us for a “HOME ALONE!” workshop, and go home with a greater understanding of the value of foraging opportunities as well as a pile of foraging toys for your own flock!
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