WS04 -- “STEP UP!” Build a lightweight, PVC training floor stand for your birds

The “STEP UP!” workshop is one you won’t want to miss, especially if you love doing some basic training with your companion parrot. When you attend this workshop, you will construct and then leave with a lightweight PVC floor stand that you can set up/break down quickly and take anywhere you wish. You will build it with safety in mind - no worries about tipping over even with the most active feathered clown in your flock! It will last a very long time, with only an occasional wipe-down and change of perch cover to refresh it to “new.” This stand can serve at least three different functions.
First, because there is a wide space below the top perch, this is a terrific stand to use for training purposes. Positive reinforcement? Of course! Clicker training? Perfect! Get inspired! Your bird has room to move back and forth two feet across the top perch. It’s a wonderful place, away from your bird’s cage or other flock members, to practice the basics like, “Step up!”
Next, this is a parrot stand that your bird can just hang out on. You can equip it with chew toys, water/food bowls, rope ladders, etc. Your bird can be close by wherever you are in the house, happily occupied. And, this floor stand is easy for you to move around the house, break down, take in the RV, or set outside on the screened-in porch.
And last, the GC2 “STEP UP!” floor stand can travel to the rainforest...or the next best thing! Set it up in the shower, place your bird on the stand, gently turn on the shower head, and watch your parrot soak up that much needed rain shower! Easy to wipe down and dry, (the stand, not your bird!) and the covering on the stand can be easily removed or replaced after shower time.
Participants in the “STEP UP!” workshop will leave with the skills to safely and creatively work with PVC on their own. Don’t miss it!
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Did you know...
Parrots have zygodactyl feet. This means they have two toes pointing forward, two toes pointing backward.