WS02 -- “LET’S GO TOGETHER!” Build a portable PVC table stand for your birds

It’s always nice to have your parrot with you when you’re working at your desk, watching tv, crafting, or visiting with friends. Sometimes there’s just no place for your bird to perch where you have landed, and it’s inconvenient to move a heavy floor play stand or playground around your house. Many times it’s just easier to leave your bird behind. If you’ve faced this dilemma and want more “birdie time,” then this is the workshop for you!
In this workshop, you will make a very portable, very manageable PVC stand for your birdie buddy. It takes up very little space wherever you set it down, setting firmly on its base. This play stand will have different textures to stand on and explore, as well as a few toys to chew on and of course, destroy! This is a parrot stand that will last a very long time. You won’t have to worry about it falling apart; you will only need to occasionally wipe it down (collateral bird damage) and change out some of the materials used to wrap the perches. Participants will learn which tools to use to work efficiently, safely and easily with PVC. You will leave this workshop with a finished perch for your birds, as well as a list of the supplies you used (for future reference) and measurements for a smaller traveling perch.
When you complete the “LET’S GO TOGETHER” workshop you will be well prepared to unleash your own creative PVC juices for your companion birds!
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"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds." - Aesop