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"Avian education is the key to the health, happiness and overall well-being of our parrot companions. Whether raised as hatchlings, purchased, inherited or adopted, ALL parrots deserve appropriate nutrition, enrichment, husbandry, and loving interaction with their humans. Avian education helps to insure that parrots stay in their forever homes, and Get Creative2 is committed to providing the educational opportunities that will help to make this happen."  

- Gaye Thomasson, Owner, Avian Educator

Please contact GC2 if your parrot club, group or organization would like to schedule a fun, educational parrot workshop! (Click here for Contact Paqe)

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"I wanted to let everyone know who didn't make it to the GC2 Parrot Behavior and Training Workshop on May 6th, just what an amazing day of information we enjoyed. Patti Christie and Travis Kelln shared their extensive experience in regard to target training and enrichment, and how the environment affects our birds' behaviors. These two knowledgeable and dedicated avian consultants packed our brains full of wonderful information, with tips to help us provide a more enhanced life for our companions. Lisa Bolstad brought her flock of beauties and they patiently let us try some target training with them, which had been previously demonstrated by Travis. It was a wonderful, full day of learning and sharing and I will try to be patient awaiting another workshop like this. Thank you to everyone! "

- Anne Richter

"Gaye is a true educator. Her workshops not only teach the skills but she also makes sure that attendees understand the "why". I've attended several of her workshops. Gaye makes learning fun and interesting. Her workshops provide a great opportunity to work with other parrot lovers to provide the best life possible for the birds we love." 

- Patti Christie, CVT, Practice Manager at Minnehaha Animal Hospital & The Pet Doctors Animal Clinic, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

"Ohhhhhhhh.....I can NOT wait! Ade is just cruising along! She just recently, finally, got on the stand I/we made at your work shop back in March? I've had to go really slow with her and it has paid off!!! I want to make ALL of your PVC pipe house will have PVC stands everywhere! "

- Marcia Robertson, Ade's Mom

"This is the real deal. Gaye has been an educator for decades and it shows in the way she presents her workshops. Education is the single most important factor in keeping parrots alive and well, both in the wild and in captivity. Gaye shows us that keeping companion parrots well fed and enriched can be as fun and rewarding for the keeper as it is for the parrot. You will learn how to keep your birds healthy in mind and body and have a blast doing it."

- Lisa Bolstad

“Years as an advanced student and professional educator, along with decades of living with parrots, have made Gaye a consummately informed source of information AND a deeply experienced avian steward. That’s a rare combination. She’s a wealth of research on what to look for and how to use it, whether it’s creating tasty and nutritious foods or creative and attractive perches and toys. She will make you a better flockmate, and your birds’ lives will be enriched by the experience – as will yours.”

Joan Weinzieri, Foster Coordinator, Metro Denver Parrot Rescue

“Being on the receiving end of Mom’s (Gaye’s) teaching abilities, we highly recommend her workshops to parrot lovers everywhere. Because of her, we are robustly healthy, enjoy a wonderful diet, terrific enrichment, a safe, clean environment, and lots and lots of love. We’re very proud of Mom for learning so fast; for a human she’s very bright…”

- Tanner, Czar, Pancho, Malibu and Coz

"I have known Gaye for nearly 10 years now and her love for parrots is obvious! I have attended several of her workshops and the chop workshop by far is my favorite. Her teaching skills are great and her workshops are very well planned. Just attend one of her workshops and you will see firsthand! You will also get a good understanding on parrot nutrition and its vital role in the overall health and care for your companion parrot."

- Karen Vanderhyde, Intake Coordinator, Metro Denver Parrot Rescue

"Imagine your companion bird eating the same food every single day. Boring! Gaye's chop workshop will teach you how to easily spice up your bird's menu with fresh, healthy alternatives! You want that PVC stand for sale at the pet store, but feel it's overpriced? Your bird(s) saw through their toys like little feathered termites? In Gaye's PVC and toy-making workshops, you will learn how to create wonderful, functional PVC stands in many different configurations and colors, or inexpensive, chewable toys. Really, Gaye's workshops are fun, educational, and a great way to meet and socialize with other "parrot people!"

-Charise Mixa, Colorado Artist and Animal Lover

Did you know...
There are over 350 living species of parrots, many of them considered extremely endangered in the wild.