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What do I need to bring to a workshop?
It depends on the workshop that you attend! When you register for a Get Creative2 workshop, you will receive a reasonably short list of materials or tools that you need to bring from home. That list will vary depending on the specific workshop.
Can I bring my bird to the workshops?
It’s best to leave your birdie buddies home when you attend GC2 workshops. There are a number of reasons, but the two most important are for the safety of your birds and also the distraction that they might be.
Is it ok for my children to register as well?
Children are welcome! I’ve found that kiddos eight years of age and older are very capable of following directions and actively participating with the help of their parents or guardians. Education is the key to healthy, happy companion birds. It’s wonderful to start that process with your children at an early age.
Is there a charge for the workshops?
Yes. The fee for workshops varies depending on which workshop you are attending and how your parrot club, business or organization structures the event.
What do I leave with?
You will leave GC2 workshops with a number of things:
1. Handouts with information and instructions from the workshop and if appropriate, resources where you can find materials to get creative yourself!
2. At least one finished product for you to take to your birds.
This could be a play stand, a perch, a toy(s), bags of fresh chop, etc.
3. The skills, knowledge and confidence that you may not have had when you first came to the workshop. You will find out what is safe, what is not; how to use tools; which tools make the job the easiest; how to think outside of the box with
traditional bird toys and toy parts and a whole lot more!
4. New friendships and camaraderie with fellow parrot lovers.
How long do GC2 Workshops last?
Workshops last from 2-3 hours. Most workshops start off with a power point presentation on the GC2 workshop topic - it’s a great time to ask questions. After that, prepare to be immersed in making something, for example: getting up to your elbows in fresh chop or cutting and glueing lengths of PVC into fabulous creations for your birds. You will be engaged and participating for the entire time, no matter which workshop you attend.
Are there other GC2 workshops available?
Upon request, workshops can be modified or even created for specific size and species of birds. For example, your group or club may request a workshop for owners with small birds, like parakeets, lovebirds or cockatiels in mind. The focus might be making smaller swings or perches specifically for those little guys.
Can GC2 workshops be combined?
Of course! This would create an all-day workshop. An example would be making fresh-to-frozen chop in the morning, and then making a PVC play stand in the afternoon. There are many options of ways to Get Creative all day long!

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"She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot." - Mark Twain